Stay tuned for public lectures, forums, and other opportunities to learn more about carbon capture and storage (CCS)i and other related topics such as climate changei and energy resources.

Integrating Seismic, CSEM and Well Log Data for Reservoir Characterization by Lucy MacGregor; University of Wyoming Department of Geology & Geophysics Distinguished Lecture; March 3, 2014; Geology Building Room 216 at 3:10 PM

Wyoming CO2 Conference; July 9-10, 2014; Casper Events Center in Casper, WY; for additional information contact

CO2 in Your Backyard

The map below shows the major natural CO2 reservoirs in the Rocky Mountain Region. Furthermore, CO2 has been produced from many of them for the purposes of dry ice or bottled liquid (Farnham Dome, UT and Bravo Dome, NM), tertiary oil recovery (La Barge, WY) or enhanced oil recovery (Bravo Dome, NM).